“We pride ourselves on our history of bringing together financial, human resource, and competent technical capabilities, to complete projects on time and to budget.”

Craig Douds, Director

Shutdowns and Turnarounds

We have an excellent record for successfully supporting shutdowns, turnarounds and outages with a flexible and best practice approach to planning and execution. By seamlessly integrating with our clients’ teams, we support a safe work environment, site teamwork and successful outcomes.  As a result, we have established a reputation for specialist mechanical engineering support enabling plants back to full operation, on time, within budget, and to QA standards.

Industrial Plant Maintenance

Dynamech supports with mechanical engineering teams, supervision, and co-ordination for reliability, maintenance and repair, as well as preventative plant maintenance across:

Equipment – Equipment – Rotating and reciprocating equipment, turbines, pumps, compressors, electric motors and fans.

Plant – Pipe work and flange management, valves, steam systems and boilers.

Fabrication – Weld repairs and light fabrication.


We provide skilled and knowledgeable resource for plant and equipment installation:

Equipment installation – Conveyors, pumps, fans, gas turbine swap-outs, compressors, vessels and wind turbines.

Plant installation – Air reservoirs, dryers, boilers, piping, conduiting, and instrumentation.

Commissioning Services

Project Management

We provide competent teams of multi-disciplined mechanical engineering contract personnel to support site projects and campaign activity all over New Zealand.

Specialist labour is contracted to meet work scope requirements, and teams are project managed to support and integrate with client site teams. This includes operating systematic risk assessment and control of hazards, to progressively improve safe behaviours and safe systems of work across the project.

Dynamech Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is used across the globe as a solution for surface cleaning, surface preparation and parts finishing in a wide range of industries. It is a preferred method because it is non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-toxic and does not create secondary waste.  The Dynamech dry ice blaster is the Aero 80FP, providing premium technology in a proven design.

Induction Bolt Heater 

Reduce downtime and save on outage costs by using our Induction Bolt Heating System and technical expertise. Induction heating thermally elongates bolts in a fraction of the time of conventional methods allowing heated bolts to be removed or tightened quicker and more safely and reducing thread damage.