Dynamech Induction Bolt Heater

Backed by reliable and proven Bolttech Mannings’ technology – the industry standard for more than 25 years – customers depend on our induction heating units for improved safety, adaptability and significantly reduced downtime.

The Technology

Reduce downtime and save on outage costs by using our Induction Bolt Heating System and technical expertise. Induction heating thermally elongates bolts in a fraction of the time of conventional methods allowing heated bolts to be removed or tightened quicker and more safely and reducing thread damage.

Due to the flexibility of the induction heating coils, coils can be easily shaped to fit various components. Induction heating provides consistent and even heating ensuring uniform thermal expansion, preventing hot-spotting. This equipment can also be used for shrink fitting bearings and couplings onto shafts.

The Benefits of Using an Induction Bolt Heater

Key safety benefits of the induction heating process are:

  • Removes safety concerns associated with other breakout systems i.e. the forceful removal of nuts and bolts. Nuts can easily be removed using simple hand tools reducing possible injuries
  • Reduces the use of hydraulic and pneumatic bolting systems, removing the risk of:
  • High pressure hydraulic and pneumatic leaks,
  • Equipment fractures/failures – Hand crush injuries
  • Reduces the use of sledgehammers and flogging spanners, removing the risk of:
  • Equipment fractures/failures
  • Impact injuries
  • No Noise
  • Minimise risk of injuries from lifting heavy mechanical bolting tools
  • Removes the requirement to use open flames for heating – Water-cooled system means no open flames, no exposed heating elements and fast cool down times – Eliminates dangers associated with flame heating and calrod heating



  • Reduce downtime from days to hours (average heating time per bolt is five minutes)
  • LP and HP turbines can typically be disassembled and service in one shift or less
  • Significantly reduce size of tooling for turbine maintenance


  • Heat is evenly distributed and introduced quickly
  • Can accommodate any stud and nut arrangement
  • Easily remove nuts with hand tools


  • Flexible, custom coil design fits any application
  • Consistent, even heating ensures uniform thermal expansion
  • Diminished heat penetration to shaft and rotor – drastically reduces separation time


  • Can be performed in the weld station
  • Eliminates need to stand rotor vertically
  • Acts as a heat lathe while performing PWHT for improved run-out results and greater uniformity
  • Smaller heated area


  • Fast, efficient removal of tubes
  • Eliminates risk of damaging drum
  • Safer than hammer and chisel method


  • Shrink fitting bearings and couplings onto shafts.
  • Heating pulleys and couplings uniformly for removal