The Client

WPI Pulpmill – Overhaul and Maintenance of Andritz De-watering Presses

The Project Challenge

Four Andritz de-watering presses are part of the Pulp and Paper Mill – they’re responsible for dewatering the pulp by squeezing it between two nylon fabrics and then passing the pulp to flash dryers.  The more effectively the water is removed, the less gas has to be used operationally.  The set-up is quite critical, and the goal is to get above 50% bone dryness – this represents a big savings on LPG.

Our Contribution

Dynamech stripped the Andritz machines back to their original condition.  They liaised on the exact settings for each nip – the gap between the rollers when compressed.  The team did a complete overhaul and set up of the machines.  Press doctor blades were fine-tuned – how far the blade must be from the roll and how close to the fabric.  All the values were provided for the set-up.  Dynamech did all the bearings and then the set-up, checking the alignments and the tracking of the fabrics.

A Satisfied Client

“The work resulted in a far more efficient de-watering process, and a drop in the levels of LPG in the process.  The team was a great crew and we were really happy with them – they were very strict on JSAs, inductions, tool box talks, etc.  They were well qualified fitters, enthusiastic, and got the job done.  We were really pleased with the workmanship – after start-up we noticed improvements straight away, and their work saved us a lot of money in the process.”