The Client

Silver Fern Farms – Hawera

The Project Challenge

Every year there is a list of 320 jobs that need to be completed to achieve the Silver Ferns Annual Shutdown Maintenance at the Hawera plant – this is across two plants; a smaller rendering plant and the main plant for beef processing. A number of teams are brought on board, and a scheduler assesses who’s suitable for each piece of work. Depending on their skills and background for a job, the Dynamech team supports different crews.

Our Contribution

The Dynamech crews mainly worked on mechanical rebuilds across the plant with the support of a welder and a TA, including pumps, stun box, chain drive system and the overheads. Most of the gear is one-off bespoke rotating machinery rather than off-the-shelf, so some initial coaching combined with Dynamechs’ proactive approach got the best results.

A Satisfied Client

“The main crew of 4-5 guys did a great job and scored a solid 7/10 for their efforts. They all contributed really well, responding well to coaching and leadership. It’s a harsh environment and a hard job – we were very satisfied with the results.”